Curriculum Vitae

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Date of birth: 14.05.1979


Experienced manager on CEO and CTO level at technology startups. Has a broad outlook of areas of the Software Development, Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Data Mining and Computer Science in general. With ambitions to explore developments and advances in these or related areas.


03/2004 -- 06/2009
Ph.D., Czech Technical University in Prague
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Thesis topic: "Large-Scale Distributed System for Multimedia Retrieval".
09/1997 -- 06/2003
Master of Science (Ing.), Computer Science, Czech Technical University in Prague
Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Thesis topic: "Scheduling Strategies in Routers".

Work Experience

since 03/2013
12/2007 -- 03/2013
Alnair a.s. -- nanguTV Platform, CEO
Defined a company vision and strategy. Designed a distributed, high-scalable and fault tolerant platform for IPTV and VoD Services delivery. Led preparations of customized solutions. Supervised and defined the corporate processes. Defined corporation business strategies. Led development and implementation team. nangu.TV platform is based on work of ITonis Inc.
12/2004 -- 01/2009
ITonis Inc., Technical Director and CTO
Designed plaform now aquired by Alnair and shipped as nangu.TV. Led installations in the customers premises. Led and supervised technical aspects of negotiations of cooperation in China.
06/2000 -- 01/2005
T-Systems PragoNET, Designer in department of the Network Development.
Designed IPv4 and IPv6 layer of the PragoNET's backbone. Led roll out of IPv6 and MPLS services into the backbone. Supervised AS peering and key application servers (name server, network management system servers, etc.). Designed and supervised realization of key customers' projects (e.g. National Trade Licences Registry, DHL Computing Center, Decentralized system for TLD .cz). Led integration with Deutche Telecom TGN.

Academia/University Related Experience

03/2004 -- 09/2011
CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Switzerland, Researcher.
Participated in the expriment COMPASS namely at Central Data Recording (CDR) -- the crucial part of the date processing pipepline based on distributed multi-petabyte storage. Designed and implementated a new job submittion system for the hadron data production. Commited several improvements to the on-line monitoring system (COOOL).,
05/2005 -- 12/2011
Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA and RIKEN, Japan, Researcher.
Participated in the Joined Czech Group at BNL. Contributed to the PHENIX experiment by troubleshooting and tuning of the computational cluster management system (based on Condor) and vxWorks-based event catchers. Proposed optimizations of data processing and management in RIKEN.,
since 10/2002
Czech Technical University, Teacher.
Giving lecutres at the Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and Department of Computer Science of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Covered topics: Computer networks, IP protocols, Textual Information Systems, Information Retrieval.
01/2003 -- 10/2005
CESNET (Czech National Research and Education Network), Researcher.
CESNET is a member of European research network -- Geant, which is similar to the Internet2. Researcher at the ent-to-end performance and QoS group. Designed a distributed network performance mensurement system. Participated in international projects LOBSTER and European research activity JRA1.
07/2000 -- 01/2005
Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Information Centre of CTU.
Designed and built two independent clustes (AMD Athlon and Intel~PIII) for high-perfomance computing (especially material simulations) and education. Proposed and supervised deployment of IPv6 at CTU.
05/2002 -- 11/2004
Student Union of the Czech Technical University Prague, Technical Director.
Oversaw the global technical (especially networking) strategy of SU. Led negotiations with University bodies (e.g. rector, director of computing center).
09/2000 -- 04/2003
IEEE Student Branch Chairman
11/1997 -- 01/2003
Silicon Hill, Chairman.
Led the largest campus network build by students in Europe. Defined processes and formal regulations governing the SH.

Other Relevant Experience

since 10/2004
Trusted Solutions s.r.o., Founder
Consultancy in topics related to computer science, IT with emphasis on computer networks, scalable systems, storages, software engineering and strategy.
since 04/2001
Debian GNU/Linux, Developer.
Taking care about several packages (e.g. pimd, ARANyM, MongoDB).
10/2004 -- 05/2007
Ministry of Informatics Czech Republic, Member of board of experts.
Appointed as member of a board of experts KIVS infractructure (Communication Infrastructure for Public Administration). Appointed as member of a board of experts for European Goverment Communication Infrastructure -- IDAbc.
2000 -- 2002
OpenWeekend conference, Founder and Chairman

Personal Skills

Experience with company and team leadership. Strong focus on finding right solutions, architectures and design. Open-minded, strategic thinker.
Software Eng.
Experience with several software engineering methodologies, especially XP-like. Management of necessary processes -- version control, issue management, release and quality management, etc.
Computer Science
Especially interested in distributed systems, cluster file-systems, algorithms, data mining and related areas. Tracking developments on the field of high-scalable application design, following modern technologies e.g. distributed key-value stores (e.g. Redis), Hadoop, Cassandra and others.
Complex knowledge of Computer Networks including IP unicast and multicast routing, IPv6, QoS etc.
Ruby, Perl, Bash (used C, C++, Assembler, Erlang, Java, SmallTalk).
Language Skills
Czech native, English advanced, German basic.


Recognition for Superior Contributions to the Activities of the Czechoslovakia Section IEEE

Activities and Personal Interests

photography, climbing, classical music, outdoor activities

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