December 20, 2019

Weekend long read suggestions 2019/51

This may easily be the last one for this year. Thank you everybody for you support, wish you a great holidays and see you in an amazing year 2020.

Just interesting stuff

Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

    Classical book from MIT Press by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville released as a free web book.

  • Decoding the Best Machine Learning Papers from NeurIPS 2019

    • Distribution-Independent PAC Learning of Halfspaces with Massart Noise
    • Nonparametric Density Estimation & Convergence Rates for GANs under Besov IPM Losses
    • Fast and Accurate Least-Mean-Squares Solvers
    • Uniform convergence may be unable to explain generalization in Deep Learning
    • Putting An End to End-to-End: Gradient-Isolated Learning of Representations
    • Scene Representation Networks: Continuous 3D-Structure-Aware Neural Scene Representations
    • Dual Averaging Method for Regularized Stochastic Learning and Online Optimization
  • Future of Data Engineering

    Talk goes through 6 stages of building a working data engineering platform. Chris Riccomini from WePay shows how are also data platforms shifting from monoliths into microservices / distributed architectures.

  • Pretraining BERT with Layer-wise Adaptive Learning Rates

    Article also includes example implementation of LAMB (called NVLAMB) in their BERT repositories. One based on PyTorch and the other one on TensorFlow.

  • Accelerate OpenCV: Optical Flow Algorithms with NVIDIA Turing GPUs

    NVIDIA has released hw accelerated OpticalFlow SDK and it’s integration with OpenCV.

Building Software

  • Idiomatic Rust

    A peer-reviewed collection of articles/talks/repos which helps you to write elegant Rust programs.

  • Elixir Boilerplate

    The project template which is used at Mirego to build Phoenix projects. In has full GraphQL, gettext and code-quality setup. Definitely a lot of inspiration for our own projects there.

  • Elixir Styleguide

    A community drive style guide for Elixir.


  • PostgreSQL at low level: stay curious!

    Article describes ways how to observe (yeah some BPF greatness there as well) some of the low-level behavior of PostgreSQL.

  • Building a Kubernetes Platform at Pinterest

    Notes from Pinterest Kubernetes team about their experience of scaling k8s for their production.

  • BeyondProd: How Google moved from perimeter-based to cloud-native security

    Article is, unfortunately, not very detailed. But provides links to key projects you should consider when trying to adopt BeyondProd. BeyondProd is set of the following security principles:

    • Protection of the network at the edge
    • No inherent mutual trust between services
    • Trusted machines running code with known provenance
    • Choke points for consistent policy enforcement across services, for example, ensuring authorized data access
    • Simple, automated, and standardized change rollout, and
    • Isolation between workloads