February 21, 2020

Weekend long read suggestions 2020/08

Random interesting stuff


  • Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust

    In-depth case study of rewriting their “Read State” service from Go to Rust. The issues with Go implementation were primarily coming from memory management and garbage collection (GC). This is not “rewrite everything to Rust” type of article, it is more “use more appropriate tool for the problem”.

  • Announcing: jlrs. Call arbitrary Julia code from Rust and share data between the two languages

    The main goal behind jlrs is to provide a simple and safe interface to the Julia C API. Using this crate you can call arbitrary Julia code from Rust, including your own, and share data between the two languages.

  • Bringing async/await to embedded Rust

    Overview of techniques / libraries for writing async Rust on embedded systems.

  • Lib.rs/

    An alternative service to crates.io written in Rust.

  • Why Rust

    After working in Go for more than half a decade, I’m starting to think that it is probably a better idea to impact developer velocity and force them to write software that is more correct. Go works if you are careful about how you handle it. It however amounts to a giant list of rules that you just have to know (like maps not being threadsafe) and a lot of those rules come from battle rather than from the development process.


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